Now Playing - October 9 to 15


Knock Knock

Knock Knock (16+)

A horror film for Halloween

Friday and Saturday:
9:15 11:30 PM
9:15 PM
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Jurassic World

Jurassic World (G)

The park is back and bigger than ever!

Friday and Saturday:
12:00 7:15 11:10 PM
Sunday to Thursday:
12:00 7:15 PM
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Trainwreck (G)

Starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader

Friday and Saturday:
12:00 7:20 11:30 PM
Sunday to Thursday:
12:00 7:20 PM
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Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea (G)

A charming animated film based on Irish folklore

2:05 5:45 PM
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Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys (13+)

Arnie is back and bigger than ever!

3:40 9:15 PM
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Pixels (G)

Adam Sandler and friends need to fight 80s videogames

3:45 PM
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Minions (G)

They got their own movie!

2:10 PM
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Inside Out

Inside Out (G)

Pixar's best and latest

Friday, Monday to Thursday:
12:00 1:45 3:30 5:20 7:05 8:55
12:00 1:45 3:30 5:20 7:05 PM
12:00 1:45 3:30 5:20 PM
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A Walk In the Woods

A Walk In the Woods (G)

Starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte

5:35 PM
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Contact Us

Telephone: (514)739-0536
In Person: 6900 Décarie Square
Across from the Namur Metro.
Or via bus lines 17, 160, 161, and 166.

About Us

Dollar Cinema is here to provide a less expensive movie going experience. With admission at $2.50 and all snacks at $1.00, we hope to provide you with affordable entertainment. The lobby holds our ticket booth and refreshments counter with friendly, helpful staff and a wide selection of snacks. Both theaters offer air-conditioning, full sized screens, and DTS sound giving you the full movie-going experience. Additionally, as of late 2009, Dollar Cinema is proud to present the intimate and cozy VIP Room. The mall offers free indoor and outdoor parking for your convenience.

Bernie's philosophy has always been that movie-going doesn't need to be an expensive outing and he did something about it. Dollar Cinema opened the spring of 2004 and has offered uninterrupted service to thousands of visitors. Since then, the cinema has evolved to further improve the cinema experience and has been featured in several newspapers and online publications.

We hope to see you soon!